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Track Width
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*Measurements are in millimeters (mm) for Industrial Tracks, measurements are in inches (in) for Agricultural & Paver Tracks.


Global Track Warehouse is the actual manufacturer of extreme heavy-duty Tank Tuff™ agricultural rubber tracks. Our Tank Tuff™ agricultural rubber tracks fit most popular brands of farm machinery. Our Tank Tuff™ tracks are designed as OEM replacement tracks for your tractors, combines, and grain carts. Our 20+ years of experienced combined with hands on involvement in our production and distribution processes has provided farmers through Australia with the best quality agricultural rubber tracks at amazing value. The quality of our rubber tracks is a result of our one-step molding process, which provides the strongest adhesion of the guide blocks and tread bars to the main carcass of the track. We use premium natural rubber compounds when producing our tracks to increase their lifespan and to ensure our customers are getting the most value out of their tracks. We designed our tread bars for increased wear life and increased traction while decreasing cutting, tearing, ground disturbance, and vibration. Our “Steel Guard” internal steel cable system was created to prevent stretching and distortion. The main cables have been independently tested and meet or exceed OEM specifications. All these combine to give you the strongest tracks in the industry. When you buy agricultural rubber tracks from GTW, you are working with an organisation that is deeply involved at all levels of the supply chain. We’ve cut out the middleman to help save farmers in the agricultural industry time and money. Our expert knowledge of our own products saves you time by getting detailed and immediate answers, while the elimination of third-party involvement allows us to provide factory-direct prices. If you have any questions about our agricultural rubber tracks or the tracked machines we produce our products for, please get in touch.

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