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Paver tracks


All paver tracks are vulcanized with our one-step process. This ensures that there is no weak point where the drive lugs bond to the track.

paver rubber tracks
paver rubber tracks

Premium rubber

GTW Paver Tracks have a natural rubber compounds and one-step vulcanization process results in the strongest and most durable tracks available.

Reinforced drive lugs

The combination of the one-step process and our armor strengthened lug system ensures your tread lugs do not tear and are less prone to wear than others.

drive lugs - paver rubber tracks
cable system - paver rubber tracks

STrongest Cable system

Up to 6.5mm High Tensile Main Cable, four additional steel cable layers plus two additional fabric layers enables GTW to achieve remarkable strength!

Paver Rubber Tracks Range

Click Here to view all of the machine makes and models that our paver rubber track range works with 


Heavy Machinery

Major Industry Names

GTW provides aftermarket replacement rubber tracks and rubber pads for all the big names in the agricultural and industrial industry. From Agco, Bobcat, Case, CAT, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, Morooka, Takeuchi, and many more!

Distribution Network

Our Australian distribution network consists of warehouses located in Yass and Perth. These two locations ship nationwide, and offers same day shipping on orders placed before 2 PM AEST.

GTW manufactures and distributes rubber tracks and rubber pads for skid steers, excavators, tractors, grain carts,  harvester combines, mini excavators, compact loaders, multi terrain loaders, dumpers, mini dumpers, and more!

Paver Rubber Tracks

Paver Rubber Tracks provide superior traction and control on construction machines used around the world on a variety of equipment, but work exceptionally well on asphalt Pavers. GTW are one of the premier manufacturers of Paver Rubber Tracks, leveraging cutting-edge research, design, testing, and experience in tracked vehicles to produce the highest quality products. Our Rubber Tracks will stand up to any terrain and provide the necessary grip, maximum durability and consistent performance no matter what environment they are working in. Our Paver rubber tracks are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, to provide you with the maximum durability while also maintaining flexibility and movement for your operators to rely on. Industry-leading strength-to-weight ratios ensure that Our Paver Rubber Tracks are lightweight yet robust enough to handle heavy loads without sacrificing maneuverability or speed. Additionally, our unique tread designs allow maximum efficiency by optimizing torque transfer between tracks and terrain while the rubber itself offers excellent abrasion resistance with excellent flotation characteristics for all types of surfaces. Contact GTW today for the highest quality Paver rubber tracks in Australia.

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