O.E.M. SOlutions

your perfect o.e.m. partner 

GTW provide customized solutions to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in all areas of construction and agriculture, 
Boasting over 20 years’ experience in creating and distributing premium quality parts for construction machinery, GTW have the expertise and engineering experience to work with O.E.M.'s of any size.

Structural Designing

research and development

As your trusted partner we are able to get involved at the earliest stages of any project.
GTW can discuss all aspects and requirements with your team and create products that meet all your expectations.

Advanced technololgies
and design capabilities

At our manufacturing facilities are constantly developing the technologies we use to maximise the quality and efficiency of our range.
We use 3D imaging to ensure all tracks meet our strict standards before they leave the factory. 



We offer private labelling ​for all our O.E.M. customers enabling you to  offer our quality products under your own brand umbrella.

Quality guaranteed

Our factories are ISO 9001 Certified. We obtained this certification to ensure our customers know the commitment we have to ensuring the quality of our products.

iso 9001 GTW.png

We're track pioneers

GTW is known throughout the industry for producing uniquely durable designs in line with our
game-changing jointless rubber track concept.

We're keeping the industry moving

Heavy loads? No problem. Wet soil? We’ve got you covered. Soil? We’ll keep you moving! Our tracks will see you through any tricky onsite challenges.

We're truly global

Whether lifting loads in Laguna Beach or paving walkways in Perth, our industrial rubber tracks are powering countless construction projects internationally.